With more than 200 Million resilient souls and a vibrant and energetic youth, Pakistan has great potential to rise and shine, regionally as well as at the global level. In today’s world, perception is reality. A concerted effort is thus required to align this perception with the real Pakistan. It is high time that the world gets to know the true essence and spirit of this nation.

NASFF has been conceived to tap the talent and creativity of our Pakistani youth, who choose Film & Television production as their academic / professional careers. These students, while in their 3rd / 4th year of degree courses have immense potential and urge to showcase their ingenuity and flare. This Festival, under the auspices of ISPR, is meant to proffer a chance to such able and enormously talented youth to produce high quality short films projecting the real image of Pakistan. It will be a first of its kind national festival, which will focus on creative students to re-imagine Pakistan. The Festival Finale is planned to be held in April 2021.

To proffer a chance to our enormously creative and talented youth to produce high quality short films projecting positive image of Pakistan.


Aligning Perceptions with Reality:
Introducing Pakistan to the World.
Involve Amateur Youth by introducing a special category of Best Mobile Phone Film.
Talent Hunt Seek ingenuity and creativity through an articulately conducted competition.
Proliferate Social Media platforms with positive content on Pakistan through Short Films.
Learning Web Production: Conduct a smart workshop of participating youth to learn from experts about existing / future trends of Web production.
Capacity Building of emerging Pakistani filmmakers to produce digital short films and to strategically pursue value addition in film-making.