Rawalpindi - May 29, 2008

No PR-24/2008-ISPR

Reacting to a news report in a section of press, the spokesman of Inter Services Public Relations said that the Chief of Army Staff, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani had held a routine meeting with the President on the evening of 28th May 2008.

With regards to the news of posting of 111 Brigade Commander, the spokesman said that the subject posting was part of a bulk posting order that included 478 officers ( Brigadiers/Colonels) due for regular posting and the same was issued a month earlier by General Headquarters, Military Secretary Branch. Brigadier Asim Bajwa, having completed his command tenure is proceeding for a professional course and there is no abrupt change in it.

He also contradicted the news that commandos deputed on security duties with the President are being replaced. Not a single commando has been removed from its present assignment, he said. Similarly, the relief and rotation of Army unit detailed for the guard duties with the President is a routine matter which is planned atleast six month in advance.

He regretted that a section of press is trying to unnecessary sensationalize routine functional matters.