Islamabad - May 28, 2008

No PR-24/2008-ISPR

First group of Pakistan Army Troops comprising 180 men left for Sudan as part of the rotation to UN Mission in Sudan last night. They were seen off at the Airport by Brigadier Humayun Khan. It may be mentioned here that Pakistani Troops, joined the UN Mission in Sudan in October 2005 and are deployed in Ed-Damazine and Vau areas.

During last two and a half years, Pakistani Peacekeeping Troops have been rendering valuable assistance in maintaining law and order and providing relief to the needy people in Sudan.

Services of the Pakistani Peacekeeping Contingent have been lauded at the highest level around the globe. It may be recalled that Pakistan at present is the largest contributor to UM Missions, with over ten thousand troops in various UN Missions around the world.


Pakistan Army Troops departing for Sudan to serve under the aegis of United Nations Mission, being seen off at Islamabad Airport. (28-5-08) - Photo ISPR.