Rawalpindi - May 27, 2008

No PR-24/2008-ISPR

A spokesman of ISPR has denounced the news report of BBC World quoting ‘Save The Children’ organization about alleged involvement of Pakistani peacekeepers in a case of child abuse in Ivory Coast as a propaganda motivated smear. He said as per our preliminary investigation, it is malicious, unfounded and baseless report. The incident reported is about six months old, nothing was reported formally or informally to any UN office in the area during this period, nor local media reported any such happening.

Apparently, it is yet another attempt to malign Pakistan Army and UN Peacekeepers, said the spokesman. No such incident has been reported from mission area nor UN has informed Pakistan about involvement of any Pakistani peacekeeper in any such incident. Pakistani peacekeepers are highly disciplined and motivated soldiers who are esteemed very high for their professionalism and dedication all over the world. He said that it is unfortunate that a television channel which claims to be unbiased, has telecast one sided version without even taking the view of the other side.

Pakistan Army will take up the case with UN, OSIS (Office of Over Sight Investigation Service) for detailed investigation of the matter. In case the report is proved false as a result of UN investigation, we have a right to initiate a legal action against the organization or the channel.